Three relationships. Three disasters. One last chance

I have added this film to my favourites(10 Things I hate About Love,Love Actually).This film is about a father (Ryan Ronalds)whos tells his pathetic love life to his daughter.As the story rolls on we are introduced to three women Emily(Elizabeth Banks),Summer(Rachel Weisz),April(Isla Fisher) with whom Wills life was interwoven.He tells to her daughter how he was ditched each time he was about to enter into his married life.His daughter Maya is moved that she persuades his father to give it one last try.And this time both the father and daughter knock on the door of ???Out of the three which women????Check it out for yourself its a great film.


The darkest age is yet to come. Have faith.

In 2707 when the four great corporations wage war to take control of the remaining resources,a cult of necromutants who have been there for more than ten thousand years are unleashed.These mutants have a bony sword in their right hand and are dangerous.Brother Samuel a priest summons for a aquad of soldiers who dare to wipe these mutants.With the help of the chronicles the book which has the deliverer,the team enters into the seal.What awita them is even more dangerous than they thought!!!!!!


Same Planet. Different World.

A scientist is dejected since his theories arent acclaimed by others.So he goes on a venture to find his missing brother and to prove his theory.Assisting him in this quest are his Nephew and a mountaineer.They soon land up in a new place which is deep into the center of the earth but he finds that his brother is dead.The land is filled with Bizzare creatures and the landscape is frightening.They try hard in vain to escape to their place.After a year long try they reach back to their place.


An Adventure Beyond the Ordinar-E 

The PIXAR and WALT DISNEY joint production,WALL-E animation movie is about a robot and the future of earth.The humans have abandoned the earth since it is full of trash sold by Buy N Large corporation. WALL-E is the robot living in earth cleaning up the junkies.It collects fascinating things on earth and it has a pet cockroach.The men send another robot EVE to earth to see whether there is any life in the planet.WALL-E likes the new robot and safes EVE from sandstroms and other calamities.But when EVE sees the sapling which WALL-E has it becomes placid.But WALL-E takes care of it.Soon a spaceship is sent to take back EVE but WALL-E goes along to save EVE.Back there in the new planet the men are all so fat that they cant even move.The Buy N Large corporation trys to steal the sapling and how the robos overcome is the climax.This film didnt impress me.


Eddie Murphy in Eddie Murphy in Meet Dave

A group of aliens land up on the earth in a spaceship that has a human form.Eddie Murphy plays both the roles of leading the aliens and the spaceship himself.The aliens call themselves Dave Min Cheng.They come in search of an object which is in the hands of George ,a small boy whose father is a captain who died years back.The commander of the aliens(Eddie) falls in love for the boys mother(Elizabeth Banks).The other crew on board do not support this and turn against their commander.The commander is seized and a new leader comes to power who has no care about the earthlings.Then how Eddie saves the earth and takes his crew back to space. Having found  the meaning of the word love they arent aliens anymore.A comedy film which is touching at times.



Heroes Aren't Born, They're Built.

Tony Stark(Robert Downey)is an engineering genious who lives in US with his greatly established Stark industries.While demonstrating his latest invention in afghanistan he is captured and is forced to develop a missile to devour the americans.But Stark somehow manges to develop an armoured suit and escapes from the place.Back in US he realizes that he has been wasting his time developing these deadly bombs and announces that his company would cease to develop any military requirements.Soon he discovers that his counterpart had been selling the weapons to the terrorist.He finally comes out with his lifetime invention the Iron Man suit.And with this he kills the miscreants.A somewhat superhero film..


Are you ready to play?

Will Farmer is a student who hacks into the governments online game THe Ripley a game against terrorist attacks.But little does he know that the Ripley is designed in such  that it is automated in every way.Soon Will becomes a fugitive who is searched by the FBI.But it turns out that Ripley becomes paranoid.Finally Will saves the day by doing what he likes most play the game.

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Whereever you go...He is there

Kelly is a professional beach volleyball player.She has fierce competitors.She and her all time rival are coached by the same person.She is preparing herself for the finals when a fan obsessed pshyco killer threatens her to kill her right in the centre when she is playing  a feast for the thousands of spectators.Detective Adam comes to the rescue but the killer is more genious that he gets into Kellys house and finally after thrills she prevails killing the pshyco.

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A cyber killer has finally found the perfect accomplice: You. 

Jennifer marsh is the FBi agent who is given the task of finding the untraceable serial killer who displays his catch live in the net.The killer knows that people will be lured to see such killings and devises the killings such that more the number of people log onm to the sites the sooner the victim dies.Jennifer Marsh(Diane Lane) goes after the killer and the game becomes more personal she finds that she would be the next victim.A dramatic finish waits in the end.i cant refrain myself from telling you this scene,how the visitors enquire about downloading the killings as if it were some concert music.The film moves at great pace.

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Prepare for awesomeness.

Po the panda is crazy about kung fu.He broods all day in his family noodles shop.But the  destiny plays its role and Po is named as the Dragon warrior.He combines with the legendary Furious Five -- Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey -- under the leadership of their guru, Master Shifu. But before they know it, the vengeful and treacherous snow leopard Tai Lung is headed their way, and it's up to Po to defend everyone from the oncoming threat.I add this Animation film to my collection(The Lion King,Happy Feet,The Incredibles,Shrek,Ice Age) 


You'll like him when he's angry.

Hulk(Edward Norton)  this time comes soon in the screen unlike the previous version where he comes after the interval.The general tracks him down to Brazil where he works in a cool drinks factory and in the free time working hard to control his anger.He evades the force and goes back home to meet Ross(Liv Tyler).Ross is with her new boyfriend but as soon as she sees Banner she runs to him.He goes in search of his samples.Ross gives him the samples.In the meanwhile ross boyfriend informs her father and soon he comes with the force.Hulk manges to escape along with Ross.He finds Mr.Blue and injects himself with the cure but isnt sure whether it will work.All seems to end well when a new crearure The Abomination enters creating havoc.Banner jumps from the aeroplane and tranforms into the Hulk.A clash of comical class takes place and finally Hulk wins.In the last scene the genral is in his usual Cigar form waiting fo rthe Hulk to return.


10000 BC

Tagline:It takes a hero to change the world.
A prehistoric epic where a mamouth hunter has to go to the worlds end to save his tribe and lady love.D'leh is the boy who goes in search of the warlords who had ravaged his place and taken away Evolet his love.And in his adventure he has to meet many new tribes and get them all together to beat the so called god king.The film didnt promise the expectations .And the last scene was the craziest thing i have ever seen when Evolet dies.Otherwise the picturisation is great and especially the mamouths


The president is in spain for a coneference on terrorist activities.Barnes(Dennis Quaid) and Taylor(Mathew fox)are two of the secret service agents who are in charge for the security of the president.Barnes is again in action after a six month rest as a result of taking a bullet for the president.Now as the function procceeds suddenly there are gunshots from the window and no sooner did everyone didperse there are bombings all over.An in the meanwhile Harold(Forest Whitaker) comes in as a camera man and feels that he has the whole scene captured in his video.Agent Barnes finds a clue in the video and goes after the terrosrist.The way in which the film is brought out is really awesome.A different perspective view is brought out every minute.The film has the thrill till the end.


Andie is a member of the 4 10 dance group.she has a great liking towards dancing in the streets.But her aunt wwants her to pursue a degree.And sho she reluctantly joins the MSA MAry School Of Arts.There he meets Chase the college cool guy.She spends her time in Msa and ends up missing her dancing classes with the MSA.The 4 10 crew gets their hand on Chase and beat him up.Andie messes up in college and she is sent out of college.Now in her depressed state she shots out for one last go at the streets vs the 410.A film so engrossed in dance the romance is so meare.


It's Midnight Everyone's Ready To Go Home...But Someone Has Other Plans.
Dona(Brittany Snow) is attending the prom tonight which she thinks to be her most happiest moment in life.Along with her is her boyfriend and friends Michael,Ronnie,Claire,Lisa.They enter the hotel to freak but least do they know that a sadistic killer is on the proll.They are hunted down and killed one after the other how they manage to escape or will they escape ????The film is quite thrilling.


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5.Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)
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10.Kung Fu Panda (2008)


After a long time I am seeing a movie like this.You dont often see a movie which is touching ,which reveals the earthly facts.A clear depiction of human tendencies is the bonus of the film.Ken(Brenden Gleeson) and Ray(Colin Farell) are two hit men who have moved to Bruges,Belgium to take a short nap.Ray s memories of killing a small boy in an encounter haunts him.THough having done murders this one was really troubling him.Maybe since he was in the peaceful city of Bruges which is famous for its historical churches and other artwork ,the serenity of the place must have changed him.There Ray and Ben meet midget , a director from America and the prostitutes from Amsterdam.Ray falls in love for a girl in the film.She is actually pretty cute with eyes doing the trick each time she smiles.Their romance is worth seeing.THe way Ray flirts with the girl raises giggles.An finally when the order comes from the boss for the hit men for an assasination the story takes a turn.A drama of high profile.


Yeah ..the long wait for Batmsn to return again has ended.But is the film successful??Believe me the film has lived upto its expectations.There are hella lot of characters Christian Bale(Batman),Morgan Freeman(Fox),Michael Caine(Pennyworth),Aaron Eckhart(Harvey Dent),James Gordan(Gary Oldman),Heath Ledger (The Joker),Maggie(Rachel).Having introduced the characters lets move on to the plot.Harvey Dent along with James Gordan and Batman helps to reduce crime in the GOtham city.When all seems to come under rest the disturbed mafia turn towards the JOker .You would really wonder how Ledger came out with such a performance,there are even talks that his performance would get him the oscar.A tribute to the dead boy.Joker kills people asking The Batman to reveal his identity.The story goes on and finally Rachel is killed in the go .Harvey Dent turns sadistic.Then how Batman overcomes these is put forwarrd in the most vivid manner.ANd i would rate this film a 8/10.THough the characters are appealing i dint like the storyline much.THis may be topping the box office but not the best of Batman sequence.


Harold(John Cho) and Kumar(Kal Penn) are rocking again in this film.After four years of the release of Harold and KUmar go to THe White Castle this film is again a theatrical comedy.But at times it is surprising how the director has put forward the racist confrontations so plainly.At times it is hurting but at the end the director has proved that each race has its own ethnicity.Americans are really tough guys but Kumar gets the going tough for them.I couldnt just refrain myself from laughing my hearts out after seeing Karl Penns acts.This time the story goes scuh that Harold and Kumar are moving to see Harolds girlfriend but in the plane due to Kumars wierd activities he is convicted of planning for bombing the plane and sentenced to prison in guantanamo bay.And how they manage to escape from there landing in the mexican party,the bottomless party,ans eventually landing in Presidents white house is highly comical.There is not a moment where you can stop laughing.


The latest version of the 1987 film lost boys isnt upto the mark.It has been a while seeing a vampire film.The plot is so meek.Chris and his younger sister are moving to their aunts place in California after the demise of their parents in an accident.They are innocent of the fact that they are about to confront a group of vampire locals.The vampires led by Shane Re really cool.The going gets tough when Nicole falls for Shane.Chris has to slay Shane befor his little sisteer turns up into a vampire herself and for this he takes the favour of the local vampire slayer.The film doesnt have a single scene which is thrilling.We could just predict the happenings before hand.Except for the cast the film has nothing to be said about.


Zohan(Adam Sandler) is a mossad secret service agent.He has amazing skills and is the best in town.The women are mesmerised by his skills.But the truth is that ZOhan had never felt great with his achievements.Sohe dicusses with his parents that he wants to end this and wants to become a hair dresser.But his parents resent his decision.He fakes his death and moves to America to earn a living of his own.He becomes a famous hair dresser and the secret is that he had a different way to move with his lady customers.He becomes so famous in town.But he is soon recognised and is hunted.This film like all other Adams films is highly humorous.


David in his desperate moment fins that he has the ability to teleport himself.As soon as he realises this he goes to a bank in New York robs the vaults and lives a sophisticated life until the day he sees Roland.He comes to know that the saga of the Jumpers have been existing for years and Roland belongs to the group that has sweared to kill these Jumpers.And he evades him and invites his girlfriend Millie for a tour.But he finds himself in trouble again when Roland hunts him down to wherever he goes.


If you are an avid viewer of casino kinda films then heres your jackpot.THis film is about a young aspiring student of MIT Boston who wants to earn money to transfer to the school of medicine in Harvard.And luck favours him when he is introduced to his new professor Micky.He joins the elite group of card readers who are good at plundering the game at casinos.The group enjoys their weekends at casinos and what interests Ben is the money that he earns to fulfill his lifetime goal.But the going takes a turn when the owner of the casinno at Vegas finds out what has been happening and has his personal vengions for Micky.In the end a hub-hub takes place and Ben is in the safer side alongwith his girlfriend.Dont have great expectations for the film.


I warn you beforehand that this is a film of yesteryear but brings in the romance ,action,drama,and lots more.In 1925 Dodge Coonolly(George Clooney) the pro footbal champ of america tries hard to bringup the sport to lives.His latest plan is to checkin a college football star (John Krasinski) CarterRutherford into his team.And this new team mate has the additional advantage of advertisement since he is a war hero who is considered to have single handedly overcome a pack of german soldiers.When all goes fine the budding journalist(Renée Zellweger)Lexie Littleton comes in .Then starts the rivalry over wooing the girl between the teammates.But the woman is more intense in bringing out the mystery behind carters war heroism.And eventually how Dodge overcomes the hurdles of getting his girl and having his team intact to win trophies is greatly brought out.Three cheers to George Clooney for his directorskills and his act.And believe me man he is really sexy even at this age.


 A thriller after a long time ,in the right sense a perfect thriller.As always we have a group of young guys who are on a venture to check out on their missing troop member.Guided by a native they land up on the ruins of a legendary place.But they are hunted down one by one by mysterious happenings.But what is out of place is the gang who force the troop to the bay.And the cast have a role but not as eventful as the sound effects and graphics.A thriller indeed.


Jetli is cast in two roles the Mnkey King and the Silent Monk.Jackie chan plays the role of Old Hop alongside the hero and the Golden Sparrow(Yeifi).A action filled fantasy film.It is true to our expectations both the martial art heroes have showcased their talents.The plot is such that the hero kid Jason somehow lands upon the legendary stick weapon used by the Monkey kIng.He lands in china and teams up with Jackie Chan and Yeifi to help the Monkey King who is imprisoned for more than five hundred years by the Warlord and in this journey he overcomes the white haired demoness and other cult killers.And at last he helps them out and lands back in America with a additional qualification of learning Kung Fu and a girl friend as sweet as Yeifi.Martial Arts with fantasy really works wonders.


You wouldnt really believe that these things happened for real.In 1071 a foolprrof bank in baker street was looted and money worth three million were robbed.these were never recovered and the news dissapeared from headlines after the intervention of the government.The director has first time brought out the reasons behind this robbery in this film.It reveals the corruption,murder and a dirty sex scandal which involves the royal family which were among the loot.The film is great along with the cast.Terry(Jason Statham) is mislead by Martine Love(Saffron Burrows) to the bank and once they loot by an underground tunnel the thrill begins.Dont get drifted away by the name since it has nothing to do with the italian job except for the robbery part and Jason Statham playing the lead role in both film.


Archaeologist and adventurer Indian Jones(Harrison Ford) is involved in finding a crystal skull which is believed to have supernatural powers.The hunt begins when a young boy brings him a map which his colleague has sent.Meanwhile the Soviet are behind him to take for themselves the crystal skull.Leading the Soviet side is Cate Blanchett.How Jones overcomes the hurdles and places the skull in the rightplace is given out in a thrilling way.But what is tiresome is that there are many twist that hampers the flow of te film.Harrison ford has excelled as always.Another thing which is missing is that Cate Blanchet is not up to her abilities in this film and isnt impressive.Another interesting saga of Indian Jones.


If you like action flicks you better check this out.James is trained by Angelina Jolie(fox) since he is wanted by a cult who believe in keeping up their trust.Morgan Freeman has done his role to perfection.If you like Tomb Raider then you would see a sequel of the film.Angelina Jolie is said to be the mother of three after she recently gave birth to twins.But she is a sexy damsel in this film.The story isnt that good but the effects and the stunt are awesome.Worth your money.


In his new high school the hero is lured again into his world of boxing.His family is against the game yet he is involuntarily lured until he finds his new master of martial arts who teaches him what kick boxing is out.And ultimately how the hero takes over the bully is the final sequence of the film.The teens reallly take it to the streets and the way they enjoy the fights is really awesome.The film has some deadly action but is weak in other places.A very old storyline with a different mix.


The film doesnt provide us with the thrilling moments which it promises in the beginning.The cast are so new that they are inept to acting.But the mortuary scenes are realistic and the vengence is has the animal instincts.A group of medical students devise a deadly game to find who does the perfect murder.The love making is so harsh they show us what they say us ecstasy in love making.The lead role is not the perfect pick.Goes along with many thriller movies which are only named for convenience.


Cameron Diaz and Aston Tucker rock the film.Diaz is ditched by her husband and Ashton is considered to be worthless by his father.These two plan for a trip to Las Vegas the sin city where they find each others tale more pitiable.They go for a party where they get drunk and in the morning they sit looking at the wedding ring.And they plan of divorce before which they hit a jackpot.Whether they part or thier love for each other grows is dealt in the second half.THe quarrels between the two are quite watching.And the friends of both play their part to the best.


I was greatly disappointed after seeing the film.I was so excited earlier that Will Smith is going to appear as a SuperHero in his next film but all those expectation has gone to pieces.Except the lead role done by Will Smith the others didnt make their presence convincing.Other thanWill smith there is nothing to speak of in this filmThe story line is too weak and lingers at certain places.Hancock is a SuperHero who isnt worried about the people and his behavioural patterns irritates the people.He then meets a public relations proffessional to promises to repair his name.Hancock falls in love with the proffessionals wife.And then what happens is somewhat a puzzle.The dialogues are too long.If not for those innocent acts by hancock which rises giggles the film is too boring.Charles Therones characterisation is so weak.After her award winning films North Country and Monster this film is just a drop of her talents.The director promises to unveil certain twists in the film but even that isnt convincing.All together a daring venture by the director.


Of all the war films i have seen this one is special.The fascinating feature in this film is the six pack abs which is so alluring to watch.THis film drives me crazy and i have seen this film umpteen times.I wondered how to this date i havent heard of these great men who have fought so valiantly.After seeing this film i was so curius that i read a lot of articles about them.THe effects and the technology used in this fil were great.I usually like films with bow and arrows.Sword is a common thing used by all warriors.But the speciality of these men are the way they use the spear.To this day i thought that spear wasnt so effective.The dialogues are so scintillating.And the various stratefies they work out are great.Takes you to the old ages.

PREPARE FOR GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Actually(2003)

If you havent seen this film then please please its my humble request to see this one atleast once.If you hate love then watch this movie then you would realise what the word love really means.In this film the director has chosen eight couples and have intrwoven the plot and this all happens just befor the month of christmas.And among these what i liked most was that of Mark who is in love with his friends wife juliet(Keira Knightley).Though he loved ever since they met it was by pure coincidence that juliet happens to be his friends wife.The pain of being a loner in love is clearly depicted.The night i saw the movie i would never forget those touching moments when mark proposes in a funny way (yet the passion of love still in it) just befor christmas.wooooooow..I am really flying high even while writing this.Guys its a movie of a lifetime.


Of all the books that i have read about self improvement this one is really mesmerising.You have the feeling that you have been transformed into a new individual once you read this.Earlier The MOnk Who Sold His Ferrari was my favourite but now it has replaced it.It really gets into our live and the way the authoe guides us out of our troubles is soothing indeed.If you ever happen to be in distress our find that there is no light in your life please do turn towards this book.I guarantee you that this one is your medicine.

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