Consider that u r in a land of whites,where the race the color are what religion and caste is for us in India.A place where the blacks and other races are treated as if they arent the children of god.Am referring to none other than the United States.What would your slogan be would it be God Bless America,no Indian would be chanting that we would rather prefer God Damn America.But this one man Obama has really started his first step towards the great voyage to end this race conflicts.Barack Obama was born to a black Kenyan father and a white mother.His parents separated when he was very young and his mother remarried a man fromIndonesia.He received his early schooling in a muslim school in Indonesia.Later on he was raised in Hawaii where whites are in minority.

From his autobiography DREAMS FROM MY FATHER:A STUDY OF RACE AND INHERITANCE .Let me put forward his extracts:
"We were always playing on the white mans court.Whatever they decided to do it was their decision.Infact you coulnt even be sure that everyhting yoou had assumed to be an expression of your black,unferreted self-the humour,the songthe behind the backpass.At best these things were a refuge at worst a trap."
"My identity might begin with the fact of my race,but it didnt,couldnt,end there.At least that is what i would choose to .

Perhaps in this man Obama,who has lived in three continents,who is not of a particular race,and not of a particular religion,and who believes that all men are equal,a soul searching for honesty,we have found another Mahatma.

urs lovingly,


                                            Tibet claims that china treats them as a minority while China claims that the Dalai Lama has a hand in all the happenings. The truth is that Tibet has been fighting for years for their independence,and this is the first time it has become such an international affair.China is not ready to taken any further step since the Olympics is to be held in Beijing.The other nations are not ready to back off from china keeping in mind thie socio-economic relations that had existed for years.

                                           Now it would be interesting to see India's hold on this issue.The present goverment has said that it considers Tibet to be a part of China and it won't in any way help or support the tibetian supporters.This was evident in the way they stopped the emigres from marching,leading a silent protest in India.

                                           But the oppositon party considers that India should shed out fears and should support the tibetians ,for what they are suffering is not from inferiority but Genocide.The media has also flashed news that India should back up the Tibetians.

Now let us review what would happen if India supports Tibet.
  • The event would just boomerang back to India.The Chinese government has held a firm position in accepting that the Kashmir problem shouldnt be taken to the Un and it is not of international affairs.
  • The other thing is that we had a pact with China about our Sino-Indian border conflict and at this time if we do anything against them then it would really turn up to be turmoil.
  • We have earlier given refuge to the Dalai Lama long back.But India doesn't need to poke its nose at this point into this affair.Even this is not going to affect the Political parties in any way.

Urs lovingly,


Since i have been named after this great person who had his and preached his own principles i have read his books.His preachings are all around one basic principle ,detachment.He gives an example of a circle of relations where expectations are indefinite.When a stone is being thrown into a pond,we can see ripples.When we do a deed that somehow forms ripples and are always in the sub-concious level of the mind.And these ripples together form the character.He wants us to love and be detached at the same time.Is this possible??Personally i feel that we indians are at times rather often reffered as sentimental idiots.That is something i am proud of and we all should be proud of.The westerners abandon their child in the name of helping them to face life.They postpone childbirth saying that they arent prepared for it and want to live their life to the fullest.The bonding between the parents and the children,the brother and sister relation,the joint family culture are things we were following once.And with all this happening around and the bond getting stronger each day.How is it possible to be detached.Maybe i haven got it in the right sense and if anyone does do post me.
urs lovingly,


I was strolling by ma old school when i saw my old friend.For the next five mins i dint know what was happening but were laughing in each others arms.We were talking about the times when we were in short pants cracking jokes at each and every one we saw,how we enjoyed playing basketball,our staff,our school and lot of these stuff which friends would be sharing when they see after a long time.And the conversation turned spicy when it came to this part.Both being engineers though different mains we knew were we would land in the end.Talking about higher studies we discussed whether MBA or MS would be more suitablefor us to pursue.Visiting a foriegn nation has been my lifelong dream though not as an ambassador let me go there with a student visa was what he said.Suddenly he turned cynical saying that no one is gonna care for you unless you prove your worth.Yeah that was true and i accepted with him.But he was circling over this one point for a long time.It took me time to realise that he was actually not happy with the way proffesionals are being treated in India.He was against the outsourcing stuff, he had a long list of them.All this time he was telling about how India is and then i asked him what he wanted it to be like.He had no words.As always it was an another letter into the complaint box.Then we wished each other good luck and rode back each fending over the fact that we have never changed.
urs lovingly,


Cricket is a lovely game of which i am a vived fan.The introduction of the T20 was a masterstroke that made the game more interesting.Lets not debate on the fact whether this is going to affect the temperament of the yougsters who also have to play the test matches which is of a different calibre.Whether u agree it or not the latest form of cricket has caught the imagination of not only cricket lovers but also the general public.But by adding masala and glamour to it THe BCCI has transformed the game into a fashion show.Bollywood used to be the craze until recently.But now it seems even Bollywood stars have become cricket crazy.One thing is certain;neither it is the love for the game nor the spirit of sporstsmanship that is attracting them but the glamour,publicity and the money associated with the game.When one part of India is plagued with hunger, unemployment, indebtedness;the other is indulging in extravagance.This is what we call "THE GREAT INDIAN DIVIDE".

urs lovingly,


i have been scribbling a lot ......from the day i started to write my day today happenings....from this day let me share it with u people over the net..........from my childhood i have been brooding over the fact that.......
"""""""""WHY ARE THE POOR POOR AND THE RICH RICH"""""''''"""""""""'
This dilineation is not something to exhibit power over the people.But to show the reincarnation of a true Brahmin(karma).i wonder how many of my friends hav felt for the poor and needy.But i personally give a mooments prayer rather than alms.Hav u ever thought of what would be ur fate if u were an illegal child,a deaf,dumb or a blind one.These are in real terms ad-ons to the existing worries.Is it enough that we keep praising mother theresa over the fact that she helped people overcome their shortcomings.Let us think about this for a moment why doesnt Vijay Mallya,The Ambani bros who are hailed to be the icons of todays india be the eleventh hour samaritan in the lifes of the people below the line of poverty.The reliance adds to the woes of the merchants but i dont say that he has to restrict his ambitions.Why not his be something which would help out the entire lot of indians.And the other one Force India we have made our stand in hockey our national game where we couldn even clear the preliminary rounds..................

So where shall i conclude,as already said these are just scribblings for u to think over

urs lovingly,

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